Kristen Stewart Not “Devastated” Over Robert Pattinson-FKA Twigs Engagement, Despite Report

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Kristen Stewart Upset FKA Twigs

By Daniel Gates |

Kristen Stewart Upset FKA Twigs

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Well, this was predictable. Robert Pattinson is engaged to FKA Twigs, so HollywoodLife needed to cook up a Kristen Stewart angle. According to the webloid, a “heartbreaking situation” has developed. “Kristen knows she screwed up her relationship with Rob but now that he’s engaged to FKA, it’s an even harder pill to swallow,” explains HollywoodLife, declaring that Stewart’s “regret” is that she’s not the one marrying Pattinson.

Forget, for a moment, that HollywoodLife has spread outright lies about Stewart for years. Let’s focus just on the lies HollywoodLife has spread about her and Twigs. Last December, the webloid posted multiple fictitious stories, including one falsely claiming Stewart had called Twigs “fugly.”

Before that, back in September, HollywoodLife claimed Stewart was hung up on Pattinson’s new relationship and that it was a “sensitive issue,” only to flip-flop the next month with a piece claiming she’d “moved on” and only wanted the best for Pattinson and Twigs. In other words, HollywoodLife had hoped there would be drama between Stewart and Twigs, and when nothing happened, it tried to “exclusively” claim Stewart had moved on with her life.

Of course, Stewart HAS moved on with her life, but HollywoodLife couldn’t even stick to this accidentally accurate version of events. In later stories, the webloid claimed Stewart believed Twigs was using Pattinson, and alleged Stewart was moving to her downtown L.A. loft because she was afraid she’d run into the couple in the Hollywood Hills. Oh, and around this time, HollywoodLife declared Stewart had “sworn off” men.

Flash forward to Friday: HollywoodLife now says Stewart is beside herself with remorse over not marrying Pattinson. “When Kristen first heard that Rob and FKA Twigs are engaged, she felt devastated,” says a phony source for the site. Another “insider” tells HollywoodLife, “She knows, deep down, that it should’ve been her that was getting married to Robert. The fact she strayed from their relationship constantly haunts her, and his engagement to FKA Twigs has highlighted the mistake she made.”

Enough already. Seemingly every day, HollywoodLife will have something new to say about Stewart and Pattinson. Often more than once a day. And the stories will always contradict each other, and they’ll always be written to milk as much sensationalism as possible out of any event, big or small. Pattinson getting engaged to FKA Twigs is a big story. But it has nothing to do with Stewart. She and Pattinson dated a long time ago. Their relationship has been over for a while. They’ve both moved on. HollywoodLife has not. It’s as simple as that. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop that Stewart’s alleged emotional meltdown over the news is “another HollywoodLife fantasy.”

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Kristen Stewart is devastated about Robert Pattinson’s engagement.


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