Kristen Stewart Shows Off Tattoo On Late Late Show with James Corden (VIDEO)

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Kristen Stewart James Corden

By Daniel Gates |

Kristen Stewart James Corden


Kristen Stewart showed off her tattoo on Tuesday’s “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” explaining that having some ink on-screen in Clouds of Sils Maria helped her make the decision to take the plunge in real life. Watch the video below.

“I had [the fake tattoo] for two months, so it’s like the perfect little test drive. I got back and I didn’t realize that I wanted it, and I really missed it.” Noting her very inconspicuous, very small second and third tattoos, Corden joked, “Oh, you’re head to toe! You’re practically Harry Styles!”

The actress called her previous lack of a tattoo her “rebellion,” since her whole family is “really tatted.” Stewart said, “For years and years, I was like, I do not need that. I stand alone.’ And then I was like, ‘No, I really like them, though.'” That’s why Stewart had her mom contact her tattoo artist to make the body art happen.

“It was a sweet little experience,” noted the star. It turns out that neither of her “Late Late Show” co-guests, Mark Ronson and Ben McKenzie, has a tattoo, although Ronson shared one very funny story about his friend’s tattoo mishap. Watch the video below.


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