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Kristen Stewart was pictured on a date with Stella Maxwell on Saturday in Los Angeles, and generally that wouldn't be news except the outlet that noted how the actress was "all smiles" with her longterm girlfriend neglects to mention how just four months ago it swore the couple was "on the rocks." At the time, Gossip Cop busted the website, reporting Stewart and Maxwell were perfectly happy together. Still, the blog that published this latest piece about them couldn't resist making a mistake about actress right at the end of its article.

Imagine Gossip Cop's surprise when we saw a story on RadarOnline on Sunday that had the headline, "All Smiles! Kristen Stewart Grins While On Date With Stella Maxwell." That seemed like a far cry from the same site's piece on April 16 titled, "On The Rocks? Kristen & Stella 'Barely' Spoke To Each Other During Coachella Bash" (below). In that misguided report, the blog quoted a so-called source who maintained that while they were at the musical festival, "They weren't holding hands or kissing" and "did not look like a couple at all." The alleged witness added that Maxwell and Stewart "barely said three words to each other all night."

The supposed tipster went on about how Stewart was supposedly "flirting with a brunette pal." According the mistaken site, "It seemed they were on the rocks." Of course that was provably wrong. In fact, contrary to the blog's contention that they "weren't holding hands or kissing," several articles written about them specifically noted how Stewart and Maxwell were holding hands and kissing at Coachella. The first line of a Daily Mail piece clearly stated, "The two packed on the PDA."

This time around, however, it seems the outlet decided to write its story around a series of photos it bought of a smiling Stewart out in L.A., getting a cold drink with Maxwell. Alongside one picture, the website that previously claimed they were "on the rocks" now stated "they are very happy with one another." But after describing what they wore in the photos, RadarOnline couldn't help itself and ended its post with yet another falsehood. Right before the blog advertised how it "pay[s] for juicy info," a practice frowned up by legitimate news outlets," it bragged that they "recently revealed how Stewart had been flirting with Drew Barrymore" (below).

Actually, the article involving the older actress was published exactly two days after the site wrongly asserted Stewart and Maxwell were "on the rocks." In the follow-up story, the blog alleged Barrymore and Stewart were becoming "lesbian lovers" and quoted yet another unnamed and untraceable "source" as saying, "Everyone has noticed the chemistry between them." Well, much like a chemistry project, that report also blew up in the outlet's face.

Sometimes it not what websites say, but what they don't say. And in this case, the blog purposely pushed the false narrative about Stewart and Barrymore at the end of its article, yet glaringly neglected to admit it was wrong about the actress and model having been "on the rocks." Maybe the outlet should just stick with facts and photos and not throw in fabricated scenarios from anonymous sources.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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