Are Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell fighting over cats and dogs?! That's the latest from the tabloids. As silly as the story may be, Gossip Cop still looked into it.

"K-Stew & Stella: Fighting Like (And About!) Cats & Dogs," reads the headline in the new issue of Life & Style. According to the tabloid, "the fur is really flying" between the couple as they're disagreeing about what kind of animal to add to their relationship. The gossip magazine contends "they're looking for another pet to go along with Bernie, the rescue dog K-Stew got in 2012, but can't agree on species."

A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Stella likes cats. She had one when she briefly dated Miley Cyrus. But Kristen is a dog person, and she'd much rather get a companion puppy for Bernie." The pair is said to be at an "impasse," but the outlet claims Stewart "feels she should have the final say because she expects to be doing all the work."

"Kristen knows Stella gets bored easily and predicts she won't bother taking a cat to the vet or changing a litter box," claims the publication's purported tipster, who dramatically adds, "It's ridiculous. They've been going back and forth at it as if they were adopting a real baby."

Well, in all fairness, adopting a pet is not a decision to be made lightly. It is a serious time and financial commitment for responsible owners. It's also interesting that the tabloid's source supposedly compared the situation to "adopting a real baby," since it was just over a year ago that Life & Style actually claimed Stewart was adopting a baby. Gossip Cop corrected that tall tale when it came out, and time has proven we were right.

Tellingly, that untrue allegation isn't mentioned in this new story, which is such a generic topic, that it feels like the magazine could've written it about any couple, not necessarily Stewart and Maxwell. Aside from mentioning Bernie, there's a notable lack of specifics, such as no mention of the actress' other pets or what happened to the model's aforementioned cat.

"Seriously?" That's the response Gossip Cop got when we informed one of our contacts that Stewart and Maxwell were the subject of a pet dispute story in the tabloids. We were then told the article isn't worth the paper it was printed on. Of course, the paper could always be used for puppy potty training.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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