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Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell are not being torn apart by Bella Hadid, despite reports. New rumors allege jealousy is coming between the couple, but Gossip Cop can correct the claims. We're told it's all "not true."

In the newest edition of Life & Style, the gossip magazine asserts Stewart and Maxwell are "on the rocks" over "another woman." The woman in question? Hadid. According to the publication, "recent reports" claim Maxwell and Hadid shared a "passionate make-out session" at a party in 2015, and even though it's "ancient history," Maxwell's close friendship with the model is supposedly "causing jealousy issues for Kristen." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "[Stewart and Maxwell] are now at a breaking point."

The outlet's questionable "insider" goes on to maintain, "Kristen reached out to Bella and warned her to back off from her girlfriend." The tabloid's dubious tipster further contends that Stewart didn't know about Maxwell and Hadid's alleged kiss until recently, and it's led to a "string of arguments" between her and Maxwell. "Stella's ready to move out of Kristen's L.A. home," claims the magazine's supposed "source," who adds, "She wants them to take a break."

While it's been reported that Maxwell and Hadid were spotted kissing at an event in London back in 2015, it's absurd for Life & Style to now claim that Stewart is upset over something that supposedly happened three years ago. Stewart and Maxwell weren't even dating when the alleged kiss is said to have taken place. By this logic, shouldn't Maxwell also be upset by the people Stewart has kissed in the past?

It is equally ridiculous to allege Stewart has "warned" Hadid to "back off" when there's no indication there's anything untoward going on between her and Maxwell these days. What's more is that while the story insists Maxwell wants to leave Stewart and "take a break" from the relationship, Stewart and Maxwell were photographed on a date just days ago, more than a week after the initial Hadid report surfaced, and it certainly didn't look like they're at a "breaking point." In reality, the happy couple were pictured enjoying a few drinks together at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Regardless, Gossip Cop still looked into the story's merits further, and a source close to the situation tells us under the condition of anonymity that the claims are 100 percent "not true." Put simply, Stewart and Maxwell aren't fighting over Hadid and they have no legitimate reason to. Bizarrely, this latest report is coming from the very same outlet that recently claimed Stewart and Maxwell were considering adopting a child. In that made-up narrative, which was published little than a month ago, the tabloid untruthfully alleged the couple was planning to embark on parenthood together. It's telling that nothing is said about that in this new piece about a split.

HollywoodLife clearly didn't consider any of these factors before picking up the Life & Style report and regurgitating the easily disproven claims. The blog is insisting "jealousy" over Hadid is "tearing apart" Stewart and Maxwell. But had the site bothered to do some fact-checking, as Gossip Cop did, it would've seen that's just not true.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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