Kristen Stewart Adopting With Stella Maxwell?

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Kristen Stewart Stella Maxwell Adopting

By Shari Weiss |

Kristen Stewart Stella Maxwell Adopting

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Kristen Stewart is considering adopting a child with Stella Maxwell, according to a tabloid that made a similar claim nearly two years ago. It was wrong then and it’s still wrong now. Gossip Cop can bust this revived rumor.

In the spring of 2016, Life & Style alleged Stewart was adopting a baby with then-girlfriend Soko. The gossip magazine specifically claimed the actress wanted a “little girl,” and even asserted she was going to start taking parenting classes. A rep for Stewart, however, denied the report was true, and a second source also confirmed to Gossip Cop that the adoption claim was false. Time, of course, proved us right: The pair never adopted together. In fact, Stewart and Soko actually split up right around the same time the bogus story was peddled.

Now in early 2018, the outlet is recycling the phony premise, but has swapped in Stewart’s current girlfriend, Maxwell, for Soko. “Kristen and Stella want to adopt,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. The publication’s supposed snitch explains, “They’re both turning 28 this spring and they’ve discussed wanting kids early, at least before turning 30.” This alleged tipster maintains that “for right now, adoption is their only option.” It’s unclear, however, why that would be the case. Plenty of same-sex couples have biological children.

The tabloid goes on to allege it’s “uncertain” whether Stewart and Maxwell will wed before they supposedly welcome a child. “They’ve talked about getting married many times, but they’ve been so busy that they always put it off,” claims the “source,” who adds, “If being married will speed up the adoption process… they might just walk down the aisle sooner rather than later.” It’s odd, though, to assert the duo has been too “busy” to even tie the knot yet want to adopt when raising a child is infinitely more involved. They don’t have the time to marry, but they’ll have the time to parent?

Logic aside, it’s worth noting that this article makes no mention of the previous adoption tale. Also not mentioned is another prior report from the magazine, which claimed Stewart and Maxwell were fighting over cats and dogs in a clash over what kind of pet to get and who would be most responsible for it. Apparently Life & Style wants readers to believe that while they couldn’t even agree on that subject, the stars are suddenly ready to bring a kid into their relationship.

Here’s what Gossip Cop knows: Stewart and Maxwell are still a couple, but they have no imminent plans to embark on parenthood together. We’ve checked in with multiple sources and no one could confirm any such plans. We also know that gossip magazines such as this one like reusing storylines regardless of merit. And that seems to be all that’s going on here.

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