Kristen Stewart “SNL” Promos With Leslie Jones, Alessia Cara (VIDEO)

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Kristen Stewart SNL Promo Leslie Jones

By Shari Weiss |

Kristen Stewart SNL Promo Leslie Jones


Kristen Stewart stars in new “SNL” promos with Leslie Jones and Alessia Cara. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Stewart is hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend for the first time. She’s been paired up with Cara, who will serve as the episode’s musical guest. And it’s likely the actress will be sharing some screen time with cast member Jones, too.

Now all three are featured in new teasers that debuted on Thursday evening, two days before Stewart’s big gig. Interestingly, both of the new previews mock the movie star a bit. In the first, after Stewart introduces herself and Cara, Jones says, “Man, I am such a big fan of you guys! I love all those little cookies y’all make. Delicious!”

Stewart responds, “Leslie, for the last time, we’re not Keebler Elves.” Jones asks, “Oh, so you all work for Santa, then?” The joke, of course, is that both Stewart and Cara are very short. Or at least much shorter than the “SNL” star.

In the second sketch, Stewart self-deprecatingly pokes fun at her own laid-back demeanor. She says in a calm, chill tone, “This is me excited.” The super-energetic Jones declares, “Man, we’re gonna have to work on that.”

As Gossip Cop noted on Wednesday, Stewart’s first “SNL” promo was with Beck Bennett. In that clip, she sang a snippet before he chided, “You have a lot of work to do before Saturday!” Of course, the actress has been in rehearsals all week and should do just fine come show time. Check out the new teasers below, and come back this weekend for our full coverage of “Saturday Night Live.”

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