Kristen Stewart Says “F**kin'” In ‘SNL’ Monologue, Talks Robert Pattinson – WATCH VIDEO

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Kristen Stewart SNL Monologue

By Michael Lewittes |

Kristen Stewart SNL Monologue


Kristen Stewart opened her “SNL” monologue by talking about how Donald Trump tweeted about her years ago. She mentioned how he repeatedly tweeted about her when she cheated on Robert Pattinson. Stewart also said “F**in'” in her monologue. Watch the “Saturday Night Live” video below.

Stewart began by saying said she thought Trump “hated me” for cheating on Pattinson, but then offered that maybe the president’s “in love with my [ex] boyfriend. The actress said Trump would probably hate her more now because “I’m so gay dude.” At the end of her monologue, she said the show was going to be the “coolest f**in’ thing.”

This marks Stewart’s debut as the host of “Saturday Night Live.” On an appearance on Thursday’s “Tonight Show,” Stewart told Jimmy Fallon she had always been reluctant to do the sketch comedy show, but then decided to go for it. “For six years, I’ve been being like a total wuss about it, and then I was finally like, at some point you have got to bite the bullet,” she said, jokingly adding, “and fail.” Stewart went on to relate that the week rehearsing had “been really, really fun.”

Stewart’s first appearance on “Saturday Night Live” comes well in advance of the March release of her movie Personal Shopper in which the actress stars as a personal shopper for a celebrity in Paris. In the thriller, as Stewart described to Fallon, she’s “grieving the loss of her brother, who’s a twin, so she’s essentially lost half of herself.” Stewart further explained that her character “believes in ghosts and tries to contact her brother,” who was a medium.

Check out the video below of Kristen Stewart talking about Robert Pattinson and cursing during her “SNL” monologue.

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