Kristen Stewart NOT Undergoing Sex Change, Despite Report

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Kristen Stewart Sex Change

By Andrew Shuster |

Kristen Stewart Sex Change

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Kristen Stewart is NOT undergoing a sex change, despite a misleading report. Gossip Cop can bust this ridiculous claim.

The website Aussie Network News published a headline reading: “Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Breakup: Actress Does Sex Change?” But in an attempt to trick readers, the site is inaccurately using the term “sex change” to refer to gender preference. The body of the piece simply notes that the actress has been dating women since her split from Pattinson, but makes absolutely no mention of gender reassignment surgery.

Either misunderstanding the article or trying to sensationalize it, the site Parent Herald referenced the bogus story and then blared in a headline: “Kristen Stewart Undergoes Sex Change.” That site then wrote, “A recent report suggests that Kristen Stewart may be ready to undergo sex change because she cannot move on from her ex-boyfriend.” Naturally, the rest of the article makes no further mention of this so-called sex change surgery, because the piece on which its based wasn’t actually about that.

Here’s what’s really happening. Parent Herald took a deceptive headline from Aussie Network News and distorted it even more. Expressing the fluidity of one’s sexual preference and undergoing a surgical procedure to become transgender are two entirely different things. Gossip Cop feels sorry that it has to even correct this nonsense, but once we call out outlets for their false reporting, these untrue stories tend to stop from being spread. The Parent Herald and Aussie Network News are nothing more than a lame attempt to rope Stewart and Pattinson into a baseless article.

Kristen Stewart Sex Change

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Kristen Stewart Sex Change

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