Kristen Stewart: I’ve Stopped Hiding Relationships

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Kristen Stewart Hiding Relationships

By Andrew Shuster |

Kristen Stewart Hiding Relationships

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Kristen Stewart admits in a new interview that she’s stopped hiding her romantic relationships. The once fiercely private actress explains how she’s learned to stop worrying about the public scrutiny over her love life.

“I wouldn’t talk about who I [have sex with] and how I [have sex with them] unless I was friends with you. That’s weird,” notes Stewart, whose high-profile relationship with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson was (and still is) frequently targeted by tabloids. “But then, at the same time, I’ve discovered a way to live my life and not feel like I’m hiding at all.”

Seemingly hinting at paparazzi photos from the past year featuring her kissing women, including French musician Soko and Alicia Cargile, Stewart further tells the Los Angeles Times, “But I think that if you had been tracking it in any way, it’s more apparent that I’m more relaxed than I used to be.”

As far as no longer being affected by how the media portrays her dating life, the actress expresses, “Somehow, as I got older, I reoriented my mind. I’ve gotten better at assessing people’s motivations. It’s not something I have to overtly think about – what I share and what I don’t share. It’s a natural thing. Whereas, when I was younger, I was like, ‘You’re gonna screw me over.’ Now I’m like, ‘Whatever. You can’t.’”


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