Kristen Stewart “Refusing” To Do More “Twilight” Movies?

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Kristen Stewart Refusing Twilight

By Shari Weiss |

Kristen Stewart Refusing Twilight

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Is Kristen Stewart “refusing” to do more Twilight movies? That’s the claim coming from a certain webloid. Gossip Cop can reveal the truth.

Celeb Dirty Laundry states in a headline, “Kristen Stewart Refuses To Return To ‘Twilight’ — Wants Oscar Nomination For New Role Instead?” It’s said in the accompanying story, “Kristen Stewart is possibly refusing to return to her ‘Twlight’ roots because she has bigger and better projects planned instead. In fact, there’s new speculation that the actress is so desperate for an Oscar win that she’s being very careful about the projects she picks while also trying to maximize as much media coverage as possible.”

The webloid goes on to claim, “Kristen wants to be taken seriously in Hollywood and that’s why she knows she can’t take on any more ‘Twilight’ movies. Sure, they’ve given her fame and the kind of popularity that other actresses can only wish for, but she’s done with that chapter of her life. Kristen wants an Oscar, not a dozen magazine covers about her personal life in one week. That’s why she’s being very particular about the movie roles she chooses. She wants to go another step forward in her career and not two steps backwards.”

“Plus, Kristen wants to show the entertainment industry — and even her ex Robert Pattinson — that she’s a force to be reckon with,” adds the outlet, which goes on to ask readers, “Do you think Kristen Stewart wants an Oscar? Could that be why she’s no longer interested in working with Robert Pattinson in another ‘Twilight’ movie?”

As per usual, though, the site doesn’t have a single source to back up any of its claims. Yes, Stewart has spoken about being very particular with the film projects she chooses to take on. And any star would be thrilled to win an Academy Award.

But the notion she’s purposefully avoiding the Twilight franchise because it could hurt her Oscar chances is patently false. One has nothing to do with the other. More importantly, though, is that Stewart isn’t “refusing to return to Twilight.”

There’s no Twilight project in the works, so there’s nothing on the table for Stewart to refuse. In other words, CDL’s story is entirely baseless.

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