Kristen Stewart Did NOT Quit Acting To Become Full-Time Director, Despite Claim A Year Ago

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Kristen Stewart Quit Acting

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Kristen Stewart Quit Acting

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Kristen Stewart did not quit acting to become a full-time director, despite a speculative claim from a year ago that alleged she might be changing career paths. The misguided piece came out during last year’s Sundance Film Festival. Now that this year’s event is in full swing, Gossip Cop is taking a look back at the wrong allegation.

As Gossip Cop reported, Stewart made her directorial debut at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival with the premiere of her short film, Come Swim. In addition to helming the screen project, she also penned a related research paper about a new technique, called neural style transfer, that was used for some of the imagery. That led Celeb Dirty Laundry to blare in a headline, “Kristen Stewart Publishes Bizarre Rant On Artificial Intelligence In Art: Quits Acting For World Of Experimental Filmmaking?”

Of course, Stewart’s writing wasn’t a “bizarre rant.” It was a case study that she co-authored with two collaborators. And it was well-received enough to be featured in the Cornell University Library. But after criticizing her for it, the website wrote, “So does this mean that Kristen is looking to explore more alternative methods in directing? Is she looking to quit acting for good? That’s what some insiders believe.”

“Some are even saying that she’s no longer interest in being an A-list Hollywood star like Jennifer Lawrence or the other high-profiled actresses her age,” claimed the outlet. “Instead, she wants to prove to the industry that she indeed has talent.” Naturally, all of the assertions were unsubstantiated. And 12 months later, time has proven Gossip Cop was right when we busted the story and reported no, Stewart wasn’t quitting acting for directing.

As we pointed out then, it was ridiculous to contend Stewart was no longer going to be an actress simply because she was exploring directing. She isn’t opposed to spearheading a full-length feature in the future, but over the last year, she’s demonstrated that she also remains committed to acting. After this untrue January 2017 report, Stewart went on to film the movie Underwater, for which she shaved her head, in the spring.

Then, over the summer, she was in production on the film JT LeRoy. And then in September, it was revealed Stewart was in talks to start in a Charlie’s Angels reboot, which wouldn’t hit theaters until 2019. As for the currently ongoing 2018 Sundance Film Festival, Lizzie, in which Stewart co-stars, is being chased by multiple distributors after premiering at the event. The star’s acting career is still moving full steam ahead.