Kristen Stewart: Bella Swan Did Something “Retarded,” But I’m “F*cking Proud” Of Twilight

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Kristen Stewart Patti Smith

By Daniel Gates |

Kristen Stewart Patti Smith


Kristen Stewart is sick of the Twilight bashing. Speaking to Patti Smith in the new Interview, the actress reflects on her career and growth as an artist in Hollywood. Stewart says, “I’m always asked about what type of things I want to do, and if I make decisions based on my last project. Say I do a big franchise movie about a vampire that falls in love with a normal girl. It’s like, ‘Now do you want to show them that you can be a real, serious actor?’ It’s like, ‘Was I not being a real, serious actor?'”

Taking a step back and looking at her Twilight experience, Stewart tells Smith, “I mean, it was a long process, so it’s hard to generalize about it as a whole. It wasn’t entirely cohesive. We ebbed and flowed. I will definitely acknowledge that. But the intention is so f*cking pure in a weird way. Anybody who wants to talk sh*t about Twilight, I completely get it, but there’s something there that I’m endlessly, and to this day, f*cking proud of. My memory of it felt — still feels — really good.”

Commenting on her admiration for Smith and her memoir “Just Kids,” Stewart tells the musician, “You have such a deep love for other people. A lot of artists are such narcissists. It’s very validating and affirming in a way that I really needed. Something happened to me and I became really successful at something at a young age, and that stunts you in every other aspect of your life because you feel like that’s what you’re good at and so that’s what you need to stay in.”

The respect goes both ways. Smith repeatedly praises Stewart’s acting work, at one point saying, “You have a gift for showing restraint. Even Bella Swan, she has a practical streak even though she does something completely, you know…” “Retarded,” interjects Stewart. Smith laughs, “No, she gives everything for love. And she goes as far as that will take her.”

Stewart also discusses her upcoming film Equals and has some thoughts about what unifies the different roles she’s taken. “There’s a through-line,” she tells Smith. “People are always comparing sh*t. Like, comparing Twilight to things and trying to figure out why I’ve made certain decisions that I’ve made, and I always say every single moment that has led me to this moment has made me who I am. Every movie that I’ve done, they don’t stand independently from one another because a little bit of me is in every single one of those, and it’s part of my own personal growth.”

“I don’t think that there’s much hiding that actors can do,” says Stewart. “If you’re doing good work, you’re showing a part of yourself to someone, so I can’t say that Twilight doesn’t have anything to do with Still Alice and Sils Maria. They have everything to do with each other. They are who I am.” What do you think about what Stewart has to say.


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