Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are not "getting back together," contrary to a new tabloid report claiming they're on the road to reuniting as a couple. Gossip Cop can confirm the allegations are completely false.

But according to Life & Style, "signs are pointing toward the Twilight stars rekindling their fiery romance." A so-called "insider" claims to the tabloid, "Robert and Kristen have become very close again... [They] are talking all the time" on the phone. As evidence of a romantic reconciliation, the gossip magazine alleges Pattinson is single and points to Stewart telling Harper's Bazaar that she's open to dating men again in the future.

The outlet further contends Stewart still carries a "torch" for her former flame, despite currently being in a relationship with Stella Maxwell. Still, the tabloid maintains, "A Bella-Edward reunion seems imminent." And, suspiciously switching from "Robert" to call the actor "Rob," the magazine's supposed source asserts, "Rob's pals would love to see them get back together." Gossip Cop has no doubt some fans would also love the former co-stars to reunite. But it's not happening.

Gossip Cop is assured that Stewart and Pattinson are both settled in their respective, independent love lives and have no intention of hooking up again. But Life & Style actually planted the seeds for this false report back in July, when it ran a story claiming FKA Twigs told Pattinson "stop calling" Stewart. As Gossip Cop reported, the alleged dispute was entirely made up. But by alleging two months ago that the former co-stars were in touch and it was causing relationship problems for Pattinson, the outlet set in motion this manufactured narrative about him getting back together with Stewart.

Similarly, in June, the publication peddled a fictional story about Stewart and Maxwell fighting over their pets. It's typical tabloid trickery: Allege two exes are having problems with their respective significant others, and then allege the exes are on their way to reuniting. It's a fabricated storyline that is worthy of a soap opera plot. It just does not match reality.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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