Kristen Stewart New Year’s Resolution To “Move On From Robert Pattinson And Forgive FKA Twigs” Is Made Up By Blog

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Kristen Stewart Forgive FKA Twigs Move On Robert Pattinson

By Michael Lewittes |

Kristen Stewart Forgive FKA Twigs Move On Robert Pattinson

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Kristen Stewart never said her New Year’s resolution is to “move on from Robert Pattinson and forgive FKA Twigs,” despite a completely manufactured report from the serial fabricators at Celebrity Dirty Laundry. The fact is Stewart has no reason for such a made up resolution, because she and Pattinson moved on a long time ago. Still, Gossip Cop looked into webloid’s claims and was told “it’s all BS.”

According to the latest fantastical tale from CDL, Stewart “hates FKA Twigs and loves Robert Pattinson but has decided to move on from RPatz and forgive…Twigs for using her former Twilight boyfriend.” The unreliable blog adds, “Stewart really has stayed single all this time in an effort to win Robert Pattinson back.”

We’ll stop right there for a moment and examine what the webloid is alleging. Stewart does not “hate” FKA Twigs and has no reason to “forgive” a woman who’s never wronged her, and who she’s never met. Again, we keep going back to this example, but does anyone think Justin Timberlake “hates” Britney Spears’ new boyfriend Charlie Ebersol? Of course not, because like Spears and Timberlake, both Stewart and Pattinson have moved on. The former Twilight stars have gone on with their lives like grownups, unlike the people who seemingly write for CDL. Also, Stewart hasn’t “stayed single… in an effort to win Robert Pattinson back,” as claimed by the blog. Sometimes grownups are too busy with work or simply want to enjoy some time to themselves before jumping into another relationship.

CDL concludes it nonsensical post by stating Stewart has “finally come to terms with their relationship ending on a permanent note, and she’s ready to move on.” That’s why, says the webloid, “Kristen’s New Year’s resolution is to get over Rob, once and for all, and get a new boyfriend.” Again, Stewart did not make any such resolution. She and Pattinson got over each other a long time ago. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop, “It’s all lies. None of it is true.”


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