Kristen Stewart on Twilight: I Only Have To Think About It When Someone Asks Me

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Kristen Stewart AP

By Daniel Gates |

Kristen Stewart AP

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Kristen Stewart has moved on from Twilight, and the actress’ role in Clouds of Sils Maria gives her an opportunity to mock gently the tabloid chaos that surrounded her at the height of the blockbuster franchise’s popularity.

Telling the Associated Press about a scene in which her Hollywood assistant character casually reads gossipy stories about a starlet, Stewart says, “I had to seriously harness the glee that was exploding across my face when I was saying some of those lines. I don’t think that’s what the movie is fully about. It’s not a commentary about the insane nature of the media in the States, especially. But no one knows about that more than me.”

Stewart is currently in the midst of a long series of smaller, independent roles, including her award-winning performance in Clouds of Sils Maria. “I’m having more fun now than I ever have,” she says. “These movies go by (she snaps her fingers). We made Camp X-Ray in 20 days. It’s just better when it’s faster.”

And it’s a lot different than the experience of making the Twilight films, which came with built-in fans and their expectations. “Because of the lack of expectation of any of these [more recent] movies, there were no moments that people had read in a book that were the most important thing in their lives,” explains Stewart. “I really let go.”

The interviewer notes that Stewart nods when it’s suggested Twilight is now far from her thoughts. She says, “Completely. I only have to think about that when someone asks me.” What do you think about Stewart’s comments?


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