Kristen Stewart Does NOT Want “More Tabloid Coverage,” Despite Insane Story

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Kristen Stewart Tabloids

By Michael Lewittes |

Kristen Stewart Tabloids

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Kristen Stewart doesn’t want “more tabloid coverage” of her, despite an insane new story. As Gossip Cop has repeatedly reported, the actress has little interest in the media. In fact, although she knows it’s necessary, Stewart doesn’t even feel comfortable doing promotional work for her films. Simply, her interest is in acting and creating. The rest means very little her.

That’s why a new bogus report from Celeb Dirty Laundry, claiming Stewart “wants more tabloid coverage” of her “relationship” with gal pal Alicia Cargile is beyond wrong. According to the useless webloid, the actress is “asking for more media attention to be paid her… rumored engagement” to Cargile. Stewart and Cargile are not engaged. The Still Alice actress was simply photographed one day last week with a ring on her left hand that was most assuredly not an engagement ring. Instead, places like CDL manufactured a rumor about her getting “engaged.”

Interestingly, the unreliable blog tries to prove its fallacious assertion that Stewart is craving more lowbrow media attention by stating “many publicists and representatives frequently coordinate with tabloids for coverage on their celebrities.” This clearly shows that the hacks at CDL know virtually nothing about real stars. Maybe a few D-list former stars might do something like that, but not Stewart, who recently expressed her distaste for the tabloid media, calling it a “whole other form of entertainment that is just voraciously consumed.”

Gossip Cop has met Stewart on a few occasions. She hates tabloid journalism, and certainly does not want more of its coverage. She’s only interested in creating art, and not being a star or all the media attention that comes with it.

Of course, CDL recently reported that Stewart was getting back together with Robert Pattinson. The webloid also claimed in a subsequent article that she was taking time off to have Pattinson’s baby. None of that was or is true. The site clearly doesn’t know anything about Stewart, and its latest drivel about her wanting “more tabloid coverage” is just another pathetic lie.


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