Kristen Stewart does not secretly hate Miley Cyrus, as a tabloid is claiming. Gossip Cop has looked into the piece and we can debunk it. It's simply not true.

In Touch has an item this week alleging Stewart despises Cyrus, despite giving off the impression they're friendly. The outlet quotes a supposed source as saying, "They've run in the same circle for years, but Kristen has always had it out for Miley. She thinks she's a phony and that her 'edginess' is contrived." The tabloid asserts this is all over Stella Maxwell, whom both women dated in the past. The seemingly bogus insider goes on to say, "Kristen feels like Miley used Stella - and she just has these high-profile romances for attention. She can't stand it!"

The questionable timing of this phony report comes just as the new Charlie's Angels movie is being released in theaters. Stewart stars as one of the Angels and Cyrus' song, "Don't Call Me Angel," a collaboration with Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey, is the lead single on the soundtrack. Stewart recent praised the single , saying, "I love that song. And I do! But, it's, like, a lot." Meanwhile, the friendship between the actress and the singer goes back much further than the film. Stewart and Cyrus were photographed at an Oscars party earlier this year, looking very chummy. Gossip Cop also checked in with a source close to the situation, who said the story was "obviously made up."

Frankly, it's impossible to trust the tabloids when it comes to either star and their personal relationships, especially when it comes to Maxwell. In February 2018, In Touch's sister publication, Life & Style, ran a phony report asserting Stewart and Maxwell were adopting a child together. The story claimed the two couldn't find the time to get married, but were trying to start a family. We're to believe the two couldn't find the time for even a courthouse wedding, but had the time to raise a child? The whole premise was nonsense and Gossip Cop busted the story after multiple sources confirmed as much.

As for Cyrus and Maxwell, the tabloids are just as unreliable. In May of this year, another sister publication of In Touch, the National Enquirer, claimed Cyrus and Maxwell were hooking up again and the singer's husband at the time, Liam Hemsworth, was cool with it. This was despite there being no evidence that Cyrus and Maxwell had even been in touch with each other as of late. Gossip Cop corrected the tabloid's poor reporting, just as we are again. The tabloids have no clue about what's going on with either Stewart or Cyrus, or their relationship with one another.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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