Kristen Stewart “Live With Kelly And Michael” Video: “It Feels Good To Prove Yourself” — WATCH HERE!

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Kristen Stewart Live with Kelly and Michael Video 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Kristen Stewart Live with Kelly and Michael Video 2015


Kristen Stewart talked about music, movies, and pets on Monday’s “Live With Kelly And Michael.” Watch below!

The appearance was actually pre-taped last week with Jane Lynch sitting in for Kelly Ripa, and timed to this Friday’s release of American Ultra. As such, the bulk of the interview was about working on the film, in which she plays the girlfriend of Jesse Eisenberg’s stoner sleeper agent. But first, Stewart came out rocking to Neon Trees’ “Everybody Talks.”

Lynch was impressed when Stewart shared her guitar playing skills, leading her to quip, “I have ADD, it’s why I’m an actor.” She and Lynch went on to bond over living in Los Angeles and being obsessed with their respective dogs. “I just feel like they’re my children,” said Stewart, admitting she even has a “favorite.”

Michael Strahan turned the conversation over to Stewart’s career, and her casting in Woody Allen’s next movie. The actress, confessing she’s not supposed to talk about the project, revealed a little bit how she scored her part. “I hadn’t been that exceptionally nervous in a long time,” said Stewart, noting the bizarre ways she and other stars are often just given roles without ever actually auditioning.

Self-deprecating as always, Stewart continued, “It feels good to prove yourself, because it’s weird when people just hand you roles and you’re like, ‘You’ve never even met me, you may hate me!'” As for American Ultra, the movie star reiterated that she and Eisenberg are “weirdos,” but clarified they’re not “insane crazy actors.” Stewart also shared an amusing story about boarding a flight with bloody makeup from the shoot still on her face. Check out the full interview below!


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