Kristen Stewart “Live With Kelly” Video: Watch “Café Society” Interview!

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Kristen Stewart Live Kelly Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kristen Stewart Live Kelly Video


Kristen Stewart opened up about her parents, her acting process, and working with Woody Allen for Café Society on Thursday’s “Live With Kelly.” Watch below!

Stewart smiled and high-fived audience members as she made her way onto the stage, and Kelly Ripa wanted her own hand greeting. “That was cool,” the host announced. She went on to say, “You know what? You are so cool, though. Even your walk-in was cool.”

Ripa then admitted she didn’t know both of Stewart’s parents were in the entertainment industry, and Stewart spoke about her mom’s job as a script supervisor. “You’re like the keeper of the Bible,” the actress said, noting that she’s never worked with her mother, but they would probably “annoy” each other. Stewart also revealed that, despite her parents’ jobs, they weren’t initially on board with her joining the family business.

“I wasn’t an actor-y type of kid,” she explained to Ripa and guest co-host Fred Savage. “I really wanted to be on set. I wanted to be like a pirate. I wanted to be part of the crew.” And now that she’s acting, Stewart said she prefers minimal preparation for a more natural performance. “I don’t want to hide behind characters and feel like I’m not myself. I want to be as absolutely visible and seen as possible. So I don’t want to like construct anything,” she said.

After the commercial break, Ripa wanted to know what Woody Allen is “like as a director.” Stewart confessed, “He’s funny — he makes fun of me a lot. He loves to call me out, which I appreciate, actually. He’s really not precious with his actors. I think it’s a sort of test to see if he likes you and you can take it.”

Stewart went on to say she felt “validated” when she was cast in Café Society because, unlike with most projects, she actually had to audition for it. And now the movie star is prepping to be a first-time director herself, which led to an amusing bonding moment with Savage, who has segued from child star to director. Check out the full video below!


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