Kristen Stewart: “I Want To Stay Home For A While,” “I Need To Breathe” (VIDEO)

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Kristen Stewart Kelly Michael Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kristen Stewart Kelly Michael Video


Kristen Stewart appeared on Monday’s “Live! with Kelly and Michael,” opening up about the emotion behind her new movie, Still Alice, and her desire to embrace some R&R. Check out the video below!

A smiling Stewart walked out to loud cheers from the audience, and Kelly Ripa kicked off the chat by noting that she “seemed to be getting more used to this.” “Wow, you can tell already?” Stewart quipped in response. “Energy, man!” Michael Strahan pointed out that the Twilight star leaves many “star-struck,” and wanted to know if Stewart ever experienced that herself. “Yeah, absolutely,” she replied. Stewart then amusingly recounted losing the inability to speak when she recently saw Food Network star Alton Brown. The actress revealed that she’s a big cook herself, and confidently told the co-hosts, “Name anything, I can make it.”

Stewart then spoke about one her other loves, her dog Cole, as personal photos of the pooch flashed onscreen. “She’s literally like the light of my life,” gushed the star about the mutt she “found in a Frisbee golf course.” Stewart and her pets may soon have more quality time together, as she said that after working “for a solid two years,” she just wants to stay home. “I need to breathe,” she admitted, though Stewart was reluctant to share what activities she might take up during the down time. She explained, “You say one thing about a detail of your life and it expands like wildfire. Like, ‘Oh, so you’re a painter now!’ I’m like, ‘Not at all; I’m, like, in middle school art class in my garage, basically.'”

After a commercial break, Ripa praised Stewart as “terrific” in Still Alice, and the actress went on to discuss the intimacy she shared with co-star Julianne Moore, who plays Stewart’s Alzheimer’s-battling mother. “I wanted to give her the skin off my back,” Stewart said of the emotional shoot. “I wanted to do anything I could to help her, support her.” The movie star further said how she and Moore were “perfectly placed” to work together, and that she was playing “basically myself in this awful situation.” “It was so rewarding and real for me,” Stewart told the hosts.

Ripa then brought the conversation full circle, wondering if Moore got brownie points with her kids for working with Stewart. At it turned out, Moore’s children were more interested in another young adult star. Watch the full video to find out who! NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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