Kristen Stewart, Jimmy Fallon Video: Talks ‘Cafe Society,’ Plays ‘Jello Shot Twister’ On “Tonight Show”

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Kristen Stewart Tonight Show July 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Kristen Stewart Tonight Show July 2016


Kristen Stewart talked about her new film Cafe Society, as well as played “Jello Shot Twister,” on Monday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Watch the videos below!

Stewart also discussed about her July Fourth, dyeing her hair blonde, and her new tattoo that reads, “One more time with feeling.” She also glowed about working with Jodie Foster, and how the older actress and director once hired a mariachi band for her when she was a kid. After that, Stewart told Fallon about her film Cafe Society, which takes place in Hollywood in the 1930s, and showed a clip from the movie.

After her interview, Stewart and Fallon played a game called “Jello Shot Twister.” Basically, Stewart and Fallon had to put a hand or foot on a color, like regular Twister, but also had to grab a Jello shot from each colored circle and chug it. The actress has always been a good sport about taking part in the “Tonight Show” host’s games. When she last appeared on the talk show in January, Stewart and Fallon played “The Whisper Challenge.” During past appearances, they’ve also played such games as “Word Blurt” and “Ring Around The Nosy.”

The “Tonight Show” was Stewart’s latest stop where she promoted Cafe Society, which opens in theaters on Friday. Earlier in the day, the actress appeared on “Good Morning America” to also discuss the movie. Promotion for Cafe Society will continue later this week with Stewart stopping by Thursday’s “Live With Kelly.”

Check out the videos below of Stewart’s interview, as well as her playing “Jello Shot Twister” with Fallon.


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