Kristen Stewart, Jimmy Fallon Video 2017: Watch Interview, “Facebreakers” On ‘Tonight Show’

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Kristen Stewart Jimmy Fallon Video

By Andrew Shuster |

Kristen Stewart Jimmy Fallon Video


Kristen Stewart appeared on Thursday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to discuss hosting this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live,” her new movie Personal Shopper, and to play “Facebreakers.” Watch the full interview and Stewart and Fallon throwing footballs in the video below!

During the interview, Stewart talked to Fallon about her “SNL” debut. She said she’s been a “wuss” about hosting the show for six years, but then it was “time to bite the bullet… and fail.” She also touched on her upcoming thriller Personal Shopper. Stewart discussed how she plays a twin, who’s brother died and she tries to contact his ghost. She then showed an exclusive trailer from the movie.

After that, Stewart played “Facebreakers.” She and her partner Big Sean competed against Fallon and Tariq from The Roots, and threw footballs at glass panels with their faces painted on them. In the end, Stewart (and Big Sean) beat the talk-show host.

As Gossip Cop reported, Stewart was featured in an “SNL” promo earlier this week during which she performed a song she wrote for cast member Beck Bennett. And just hours before her “Tonight Show” appearance, “Saturday Night Live” released more promos. In one of them, after Stewart introduced herself and musical guest Alessia Cara, cast member Leslie Jones, who towers over the two, gushed, “I love all those little cookies y’all make. Delicious,” to which the actress replied, “Leslie, for the last time, we’re not Keebler Elves.”

As Gossip Cop has also noted, Stewart previously appeared on the “Tonight Show” last July, during which she played a game of “Jello Shot Twister.” And in January 2016, the actress competed against Fallon in “The Whisper Challenge.” Other games she’s played during past guest spots have also included “Word Blurt” and “Ring Around The Nosy.”

Watch Stewart’s latest “Tonight Show” interview in the video below, as well as her competing against Jimmy Fallon in “Facebreakers.” And Gossip Cop will also have coverage of Stewart’s appearance on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.” NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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