Kristen Stewart To Jimmy Fallon: I Smile To Hide From Paparazzi – Watch “Tonight Show” Video

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Kristen Stewart Smile Jimmy Fallon

By Andrew Shuster |

Kristen Stewart Smile Jimmy Fallon

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Kristen Stewart revealed on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” that her method of hiding out from the paparazzi is to simply smile. Watch the funny video below!

“You get a lot of grief from people that you don’t go out of your way to smile,” Fallon pointed out during Stewart’s interview on the show. The actress sarcastically replied, “What? No!” as she’s clearly heard this criticism before. “I think you’re a very smiley person,” Fallon said in Stewart’s defense.

The talk show host then took out the latest issue of Marie Claire, which features Stewart on the cover with a stoic expression, prompting her to explain, “They told me to do that. That’s like a model-y, magazine thing.” Stewart added, “I blame Marie Claire for ruining my reputation.” But Fallon once again supported her scowling ways, saying, “I like this about you because it’s mysterious.”

Fallon next asked Stewart if she ever goes around “extra smiley” just to “freak people out.” The actress revealed that she actually smiles as a way to hide out in public. “I went out yesterday and wanted to be able to take a walk around New York without being followed by paparazzi,” said Stewart, adding, “so I went out and was just like ‘ha ha ha ha!'”.

The plan, however, didn’t quite work. Stewart related, “The next day it totally ruined my chances because they said, ‘Ooh we made so much money on those smiling photos,’ and now there’s like 50 [paparazzi] outside.”

Stewart appeared on “The Tonight Show” to promote her upcoming movie American Ultra, an action-comedy in which she and Jesse Eisenberg play a stoner couple who become targeted for assassination by government agents. The film hits theaters on August 21. Check out the video below of Kristen Stewart on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” talking about smiling to hide from the paparazzi, and tell us what you think.


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