Kristen Stewart Shows Off Gun, Bong In New American Ultra Poster (PHOTOS)

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Kristen Stewart New American Ultra Poster Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Kristen Stewart New American Ultra Poster Photo


Kristen Stewart brandishes a gun and shows off a bong in the trippy new poster for American Ultra. See photo right and the full version below!

Screenwriter Max Landis revealed the new art on Twitter on Thursday night, tweeting, “THE NEW @AMERICANULTRA POSTERS ARE F*CKING INCREDIBLE The Program Is Active. August 21st. #americanultra.” As Gossip Cop has reported, Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg play stoners whose relationship is thrown for a loop when he’s revealed to be a secret agent. A killing spree, and plenty of hijinks, ensue.

The first set of posters, released last month, showcased Stewart and Eisenberg with marijuana smoke coming out of their mouths, as Gossip Cop reported at the time. The new pair are a lot more… out there. For starters, both stars have four arms.

In Stewart’s case, her four hands are holding the aforementioned gun and bong, as well as a joint and what appears to be a grenade. Eisenberg, meanwhile, has a joint, spoon, hammer, and fourth object that, frankly, we can’t even identify. (Put your best guesses in the comments below!)

Both Stewart and Eisenberg praised Landis in a new interview that was released earlier Thursday. “It’s a really original and strange script. I’ve really never read anything like it,” the actress said of the movie, which combines thriller, romantic, and comedic elements. Eisenberg also noted, “[Landis is] such a wonderful writer, and writes these characters in such specific and real ways, they seem not only new, but they seem relatable in this very real way.” Check out the old and new American Ultra posters below, and tell us what you think!



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