Kristen Stewart: Celebrity News Is “Huge, Booming, F*cking Money-Making Industry”

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Kristen Stewart Hollywood Reporter

By Daniel Gates |

Kristen Stewart Hollywood Reporter

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Kristen Stewart has been put through the wringer enough to know there’s no real escape from the Hollywood gossip industry once you achieve a certain level of notoriety. “If you think about the source of it all, which is really the big, big, big green monster of cash, there’s just no way that that’s stopping,” she tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s a new industry — celebrity news is a whole new form of entertainment — and it’s a huge, booming, f*cking money-making industry, so why would it stop?”

The star is frustrated that the realities of fame sometimes overshadow the actual work being done by actors and actresses. Not that she has any plans to stop. “I love what I do and so it’s worth protecting,” she explains to the outlet, “Hopefully, one day people’s priorities will shift a little bit.”

In Clouds of Sils Maria, Stewart portrays an assistant to a famous actress, a relationship that in real life can lead to some odd circumstances. She says, “I’ve seen so many of those scenes play out in real life. You know, weird stuff goes on behind closed doors, and we [Clouds’ makers] sort of open them up and go, ‘This is what might be going on in this woman’s life.'”

The movie touches upon the fame-art divide that has become a major point of reflection for Stewart, who is baffled by the public’s continuing thirst for intrusive gossip, sometimes more so than the craft and talents of performers. “Why aren’t we [as a society] mentioning the fact that it’s so crazy that there are so many people that are so full of it?” asks Stewart. “And why are we consuming them en masse?” What do you think about Stewart’s comments?


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