Kristen Stewart Pranks Jesse Eisenberg During Awkward Interview (VIDEO)

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Jesse Eisenberg funny or die Kristen Stewart

By Andrew Shuster |

Jesse Eisenberg funny or die Kristen Stewart

(Funny or Die)

Kristen Stewart “pranked” Jesse Eisenberg during a Funny Or Die sketch in which the two American Ultra stars sat down to interview each other about their new movie. Things took an awkward turn when, unbeknownst to Eisenberg, Stewart switched their personalized question cards. Watch the funny video below!

Eisenberg began the interview by reading his first card, which said, “How did you bulk up for this role?” Stewart answered, “I don’t typically really need to work out. I just focus on staying healthy and grounded.” She then asked him, “Do you have any favorite designers?” He responded, “Is that what it says on there? I think they may have switched our cards.” Stewart insisted that they hadn’t, and so Eisenberg answered, “OK, well I guess Levi’s. I don’t know if that’s a person. Is he a designer or is she a designer? But I’m wearing their pants and they fit.”

Stewart later asked him, “Are you seeing anyone at the moment?” Perplexed by a dating question, the likes of which he’s never been asked before, Eisenberg replied, “Are you sure they didn’t switch the cards? That just seems…” She responded, “Is this not how they usually go for you?” to which he answered, “No. I’m normally asked if I’m like the class clown.”

The awkwardness continued, with Stewart going on to ask Eisenberg personal questions such as if he was pregnant, if he’s had any work done, and if his boobs ever accidentally slip out. Fed up with the interview, Eisenberg read his final question: “What is the best on-set prank you’ve ever pulled?” Stewart then revealed their current interview to be her “best prank,” to which Eisenberg said, “Now I know what it’s like to be a woman.” Watch Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg’s hilariously awkward “prank” interview below, and tell us what you think.


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