Kristen Stewart, Stella Maxwell Had “Bust-Up” Over Ashley Benson?

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Kristen Stewart Ashley Benson Friends

By Shari Weiss |

Kristen Stewart Ashley Benson Friends

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Did Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell have a “bust-up” over the actress’ “cozy friendship” with Ashley Benson? An Australian tabloid is claiming Stewart is now “in the doghouse.” Gossip Cop, however, can bust the story.

According to NW, Stewart is “already getting itchy feet in her relationship” with Maxwell. It’s specifically alleged the couple has “hit a serious rough patch, thanks in large part to K-Stew’s blossoming friendship” with Benson. Now Maxwell is “sick of playing second fiddle” to Benson, contends the gossip magazine, which further claims the model “hates the way” the “Pretty Little Liars” star “cozies up to K-Stew when she’s not around.”

“Kristen and Ashley are really close,” a so-called “friend” is quoted as saying. The outlet alleges that while “things between the gal pals hasn’t turned romantic — yet! — Stella’s still jealous and is worried K-Stew could end up dumping her.” The supposed source asserts to the publication, “It’s just Kris’s style — she’s very easily distracted by pretty blonde things.” And this purported “pal” adds that Stewart and Maxwell are “on completely different pages right now.”

Actually, Stewart and Maxwell were seen out together in New York just days before Stewart and Benson spent time together this month. What’s more is that far from there being an issue with a third party, Benson is actually friends with Maxwell as well, and joined her and Stewart on a shopping excursion back in September. They all stepped out together in October and November as well.

It seems only because Benson and Stewart were spotted together without Maxwell recently that the tabloid decided to make hay. But Maxwell wasn’t apart from the pair because of a “bust-up” with Stewart. She was actually busy with work and family obligations on the opposite coast. There is no love triangle here. And certainly if there was, no “friend” close to Maxwell or Stewart would go spilling to a tabloid from Down Under.

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