Truth About Kristen Stewart Feuding With Other Actresses

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Kristen Stewart attends the premiere of "Charlie's Angel's" at Westwood Regency Theater on November 11, 2019 in Los Angeles

By Griffin Matis |

Kristen Stewart attends the premiere of "Charlie's Angel's" at Westwood Regency Theater on November 11, 2019 in Los Angeles

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Kristen Stewart is known for her strong personality and self-confidence. While those qualities help make her an amazing actress, they also tend to rouse negative gossip about her and her relationship with other stars. These are a few of the baseless rumors about Stewart feuding with other celebrities that Gossip Cop has busted.

In February 2018, NW published an article claiming Cindy Crawford was trying to keep Stewart away from her daughter, Kaia Gerber. Stewart and Gerber had been spotted together a few times by paparazzi, which is most likely what inspired this story. According to an “insider,” Crawford thought the Charlie’s Angels star would drag down her daughter’s career prospects by getting her involved in the “Hollywood party scene.” Stewart, the tabloid argued, just wasn’t the “right kind” of friend that would keep Crawford’s daughter on the path to success. Gossip Cop checked in with Crawford’s spokesperson, who went on the record with us to clarify that the model had zero problems or issues with Stewart or her friendship with Gerber.

This September, OK! claimed  Jodie Foster was criticizing Stewart over her lifestyle. The two actresses grew close while filming 2002’s Panic Room, but the tabloid argued that Stewart’s recent behavior was drawing stern words from the veteran actress. According to the magazine, Foster told Stewart that she needed to cut back on her frequent drinking, smoking and overly public displays of affections.

Essentially, the magazine tried to frame Stewart’s life as out of control and dangerous. In reality, Stewart’s life and career were in amazing shape — and still are today. Gossip Cop asked one of our sources close to the actress about the situation, and they effectively laughed it off. Stewart’s occasional night out or kiss with a partner aren’t red flags by any means, but rather signs of a healthy social life and social circle. She’s having a good time with her friends every few months, not being arrested or getting into public spats, and Foster has never lectured her about it.

Earlier this month, In Touch alleged Stewart had it out for Miley Cyrus. The publication said that although the two have only ever been friendly in public, Stewart despised the singer and felt like she was a “phony” with a “contrived” edginess about her. The main cause of the quiet feud, an unknown source said, was Cyrus’ treatment of their mutual ex, Stella Maxwell.

However, around the time the tabloid’s dubious claims were published, Stewart publicly praised Cyrus’ work and said she loved her newest song. Plus, the two were spotted together at a party earlier this year, looking nothing but friendly. Gossip Cop still checked in with one of our sources close to the situation, who told us that the tabloid’s article was indeed another made-up rumor. Stewart’s in an amazing place as one of the most popular actresses in the world, which only means that the amount of nonsensical gossip about her will increase. Gossip Cop will keep busting these rumors as they emerge.


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