Kristen Stewart Is NOT Engaged Or Wearing Engagement Ring, Despite Report

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Kristen Stewart Engaged

By Michael Lewittes |

Kristen Stewart Engaged

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Kristen Stewart is not engaged, despite a flimsy new report. Gossip Cop can debunk this speculation, first floated by The Mirror, which exclaimed that the actress was “spotted wearing a ring on her engagement finger.”

The British tabloid first notes Stewart was photographed on Sunday with a new ring on what’s considered the “engagement finger,” and says that “jewelry in that position generally implies that a romance is getting serious.” The paper adds a Stewart engagement would be “perfect timing for the brunette after her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson found himself a new love interest in FKA Twigs.” The newspaper then fills the rest of its space with details about Stewart’s casual attire the day she was photographed.

OK, so who’s Stewart engaged to? And when and how did she get engaged? Naturally, the Mirror does not furnish any of those details. Basically, all the paper had was paparazzi photos of Stewart out in the Los Feliz section of L.A. wearing jeans, a hat, and a random piece of jewelry that it tried to make news with by saying it might be an “engagement” ring.

None of it is true, most especially any speculation that Stewart is engaged. Of course, the Mirror is the same paper that has published a number of off-base reports about the actress, including once saying Stewart and former boyfriend Pattinson agreed to a “no-sex pact.” Regardless, Gossip Cop has been told that talk of a Stewart “engagement” has no ring of truth to it.


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