Kristen Stewart, Drew Barrymore NOT “Lesbian Lovers,” Despite Claim

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Kristen Stewart Drew Barrymore Lesbian Lovers

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Kristen Stewart Drew Barrymore Lesbian Lovers

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Kristen Stewart and Drew Barrymore are not on the verge of becoming “lesbian lovers,” despite a claim circulating in the tabloids and online. Gossip Cop can bust the reports. As we’ve already reported, there’s no truth to allegations of a romantic link between the two actresses.

Last month, NW peddled a story about Stewart and Barrymore “flirting” with each other while bonding during the making of the Charlie’s Angels reboot. The tale was transparently made-up, as the proposed movie isn’t even in production yet. But that phony story has apparently inspired Star and RadarOnline to manufacture a similar narrative, with the website even suggesting the pair are about to become “lesbian lovers.”

In virtually identical articles, the sister outlets claims Stewart has “turned for guidance” to Barrymore, who famously starred in and produced the original Charlie’s Angels movies. It’s unclear on what, exactly, Stewart needs “guidance,” but a so-called “insider” cited by both the tabloid and the blog alleges that “everyone has noticed the chemistry between them.” When have the duo been together with other people for “chemistry” to be witnessed? Who does “everyone” consist of? There’s a suspicious lack of details to back up these assertions.

It’s also odd that the stories contend Barrymore has now “unofficially joined the project as a mentor” since no trade publications have reported her having any involvement. On the contrary, it was revealed all the way back in 2015 that Sony’s Charlie’s Angels reboot is being helmed by Elizabeth Banks. Additionally, in late February Stewart revealed that while she “would love” to star in the upcoming movie, she isn’t officially signed on to the film yet. To date, no cast has been formally announced.

So it’s with this flawed premise that Stewart and Barrymore are being connected, with the site and magazine claiming the latter’s “bubbly personality is helping bring Kristen out of her shell.” The supposed source describes the stars as “more than a little flirtatious with each other,” and further alleges Stewart “never mentions her girlfriend Stella [Maxwell] when Drew is around.” Adds this purported tipster, “Who knows what might happen during filming?”

But no filming has even been announced, on top of Stewart not yet being officially cast in the film and Barrymore having no known involvement. None of the claims in this story, which are lacking key information like “when” and “where,” can be substantiated. It’s also worth noting Stewart and Maxwell just spent the weekend kissing at Coachella. While Gossip Cop’s contacts were not at liberty to speak on the record, our investigation indicates nothing is really going on between Stewart and Barrymore, just as we reported last month.


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