Kristen Stewart Did NOT Diss Robert Pattinson Relationship As “Gross,” Despite Report

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Kristen Stewart Relationship Robert Pattinson

By Michael Lewittes |

Kristen Stewart Relationship Robert Pattinson

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Kristen Stewart did NOT say her relationship with Robert Pattinson was fake or “gross,” nor did she “diss” their romance, despite a report. Gossip Cop can correct the story, which twists the word of a legitimate interview the actress gave to T magazine.

According to the frequently discredited HollywoodLife, Stewart dissed her relationship with Pattinson as “gross,” and said it wasn’t “real life.” The unreliable webloid further claims Stewart “totally blasted her romance with Robert,” and said their relationship was “more like a ‘product’ than anything else.” The site adds that if people doubted the “authenticity” of her romance with Pattinson, the new interview “will answer a few of those lingering questions.”

HollywoodLies then quotes Stewart telling T, “People wanted me and Rob to be together so badly that our relationship was made into a product,” “It wasn’t real life anymore,” continues the actress, noting it was “gross to me,” and that she didn’t want to “become a part of a story for entertainment value.” The untrustworthy webloid goes on to editorialize, “This is crazy” and “Ouch.”

That, however, is not the end of the outlet twisting what Stewart said. The site writes, “Diehard Twilight fans might be devastated to learn that the relationship may not have been as authentic as it seemed.” The webloid also claims that it’s “huge relief to Kristen to finally get this off of her shoulders,” and asks its readers whether they’re shocked “Kristen is finally being so honest about her relationship with Rob.”

But that’s NOT what Stewart was saying. She didn’t claim her actual romance was “gross” or not “real.” The point the actress was making, which HollywoodLies purposely manipulated, was that fan obsession and media attention on “Robsten” made what was a personal and private connection feel “gross.” She explains that she didn’t feel her romance with Pattinson should have become “entertainment value” for others. The only thing that’s “not real” and “gross” is how an unauthentic webloid like HollywoodLife took Stewart’s innocent words about the madness surrounding her and Pattinson and twisted them to question their once loving relationship.

Of course, even the most causal reader of Gossip Cop knows HollywoodLies has a history of publishing bogus claims about Pattinson and Stewart. Among the many absurd stories the webloid has fabricated over the years was a tale about Stewart being sad Pattinson was dating Riley Keough. Of course, the whole premise was a lie. As Gossip Cop noted, Pattinson was never even involved with Keough. Much like that made-up report, don’t believe the outlet’s current twisting of Stewart’s words.

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Kristen Stewart dissed her relationship with Robert Pattinson.


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