Kristen Stewart Movie “Equals” Airing On DirecTV Before Theaters

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Kristen Stewart Equals DirecTV

By Andrew Shuster |

Kristen Stewart Equals DirecTV


Kristen Stewart’s upcoming movie Equals will air on DirecTV prior to hitting theaters, it was announced on Friday. The film joins the ranks of numerous recent high-profile projects to premiere on the cable service in advance of a wide release.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Equals is a sci-fi romance set in a future dystopian society where human emotions have been eradicated. Nicholas Hoult co-stars in the film as Stewart’s “forbidden” love interest. During a recent interview about the film, Stewart revealed that playing her role role was “painful,” yet “cathartic,” and as a result of making the movie, she’s turned into a “completely different” person.

The film held its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival last month, and later screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it was picked up for theatrical distribution by indie studio A24. DirecTV then cut a deal with the studio to premiere Equals first for its cable subscribers.

Other films that have similarly aired on DirecTV prior to hitting the big-screen include the Charlize Theron thriller Dark Places, the Ryan Reynolds dramas Mississippi Grind and The Captive, the Jake Gyllenhaal movie Enemy, and Barely Lethal, an action-comedy starring Hailee Steinfeld and Samuel L. Jackson.

DirecTV has yet to announce the film’s premiere date. Tell Gossip Cop what you think about Kristen Stewart’s Equals airing for cable subscribers prior to hitting theaters.


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