Kristen Stewart: ‘Equals’ Made Me “Completely Different” Person

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Kristen Stewart Equals Different Person

By Andrew Shuster |

Kristen Stewart Equals Different Person

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Kristen Stewart discussed her upcoming movie Equals during an interview before the film’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday, and explained why she’s a “completely different” person after making the film.

Stewart, her co-star Nicholas Hoult, and the film’s director Drake Doremus spoke with Variety about their sci-fi film, which takes place in a world devoid of emotions. In the futuristic movie, Stewart and Hoult’s characters eventually begin to feel emotions for the first time and subsequently fall in love.

“At this stage of my life, where I’m close to these awakening periods, and it’s a big deal for me, and to represent them so basically and so hard was intimidating as hell,” Stewart said about playing a character who’s learning to cope with newfound feelings. The actress went on to say that her role was “painful,” yet “cathartic.”

Stewart also revealed what attracted her to the script, saying, “It just felt more authentic than any attempt at a very simple straightforward love story.” She added, “We’re actors. We love nothing more than to be over-indulgent and think about things too much.”

Finally, Stewart divulged how she “really did grow” making the movie, and why she now feels like a “completely different” person. “It’s not that I’m more numb,” she said, adding, “but maybe just more accepting of how hard things can be because hard is good.”

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