Kristen Stewart Defends ‘Twilight’ Character: “She’s Courageous And Cool”

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Kristen Stewart Defends Twilight Character

By Andrew Shuster |

Kristen Stewart Defends Twilight Character

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Kristen Stewart defends the role she played in Twilight in a new interview. The actress says that her character Bella Swan was not “weak,” as some critics have claimed, but rather “courageous and cool.”

While promoting her new film, Stewart was asked if she admires how her character Phoebe in American Ultra makes “sacrifices in the name of love.” The actress reveals in Esquire, “It’s really cool to see somebody accept compromise so willingly because of a selfless human connection, which ultimately is selfish, because that’s what you want.”

In Twilight, Stewart’s character Bella leaves her old life behind to be with the vampire Edward, played by Robert Pattinson. She explains how that character’s “selfless” traits drew her to the film franchise. “It’s just lovely to see someone give something up. It’s why I wanted to do Twilight,” says Stewart. “That’s why I thought it was so silly when people would be like, ‘So how do you feel about playing such a weak character that’s so subject to the male counterpart?’ And I’m like, ‘She’s practicing free will.’ I think it’s so courageous and cool.”

Stewart’s American Ultra co-star Jesse Eisenberg, who plays an action hero in the movie, feels her role is far more forceful than his own. “Her character, you realize, is the strongest character in the movie,” he says. “She kind of plays various levels of vulnerability and you realize it’s for an effect.”

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