Kristen Stewart On Choosing Movie Roles: I ‘Avoid Blockbusters’

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Kristen Stewart Acting Career Blockbusters

By Andrew Shuster |

Kristen Stewart Acting Career Blockbusters


Kristen Stewart reveals in a new interview that she no longer wants to star in blockbuster movies, but would rather focus on acting in independent films that are more artistically gratifying.

Stewart graces the cover of the December 2015 issue of Diva magazine, in which she gets candid about her career. The actress explains her method of accepting part, saying, “I need to choose films based on what my gut instincts tell me.” She adds, “I made a conscious decision to avoid blockbusters and choose smaller projects that might attract less attention… but are going to satisfy me artistically.”

Stewart has obviously already headlined some big-budget films, including the Twilight franchise and Snow White and the Huntsman, but she feels those high-profile roles can negatively affect an actor’s life. “When your career reaches a certain level, there are so many responsibilities that come with that and sometimes you feel that your life is not your own anymore,” says Stewart. “That’s why I decided to change a lot of things about how I was working and try to be true to myself.”

Stewart also goes on to reveal that she’s generally a “shy” person, and used to consider acting a “refuge from the real world which allowed me to forget who I was.” But at this point in her life and career, “I’m a lot happier and I’m feeling really good,” says the star. Stewart notes, “Earlier in my career, I had too many people telling me what I should be doing,” but these days, “I feel I can be myself more.”

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