Kristen Stewart Turns Down Jesse Eisenberg In ‘Cafe Society’ Clip – WATCH!

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Cafe Society Kristen- Stewart Clip

By Andrew Shuster |

Kristen Stewart Cafe Society Clip


Kristen Stewart turns down Jesse Eisenberg’s romantic gesture in a new clip from the upcoming Woody Allen movie Cafe Society. Watch the video below!

The scene is set in a bar where Stewart and Eisenberg’s characters are having a drink, but when he goes to caress her hand, she tells him, “I don’t think that’s a very good idea, actually. I’m seeing someone.” A surprised Eisenberg responds, “Oh. What’s he like?” to which she notes, “He’s a journalist.”

The actor’s character notes he thought Stewart was single “since you had so much free time on your hands,” but she explains, “He travels a lot. And I really like spending my time with you. I hope that’s OK.” She adds, “You know, you’re very sweet. Have you heard that before? You have this deer in the headlights quality.” But Eisenberg says back, “If I was your boyfriend, I would not travel. Or if I did, I would take you with me.” He adds, “I hope he knows how to kiss you, and all the rest,” to which she answers, “That’s between us.”

In Cafe Society, which takes place in Hollywood during the 1930s, Eisenberg stars as a young man who moves from New York to Hollywood, hoping to start a career in the film industry. Once there, he finds himself swept up in the excitement of Hollywood, and falling in love with the secretary (Stewart) of his power-broker uncle (Steve Carrell). The movie hits theaters on August 12. Watch a clip below!


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