Kristen Stewart: I Was Mistaken For A Boy As A Child

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Kristen Stewart Boy Child

By Andrew Shuster |

Kristen Stewart Boy Child

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Kristen Stewart admits in a new interview that she looked more like a boy than a girl when she was a child, and was “constantly” mistaken for a male.

“I know there’s nothing more annoying than actors or people considered seductive saying bulls**t like, ‘I was so ugly.’ But let me tell you, I looked like my brother until I was 14 years old,” Stewart says in her cover story for the June issue of Marie Claire’s French edition. The actress goes on to note that her insecurities at the time stemmed from feeling “really weird, totally gangly, [and] clumsy.”

Stewart further reveals that when she was working on her first project at 10-years-old, an audio engineer accidentally “pressed hard” while fitting her with a microphone, then asked, “Hey, you’re a tough kid, you alright son?” The actress adds, “It was like that absolutely all the time.”

The actress goes on to discuss the nature of celebrity, acknowledging that one of the upsides of fame is being able to “creates ultra-strong bonds with people” and having “incredible encounters” while working on films. As far as the downside of being famous, Stewart doesn’t like to “waste time talking about it,” noting, “Nobody wants to hear you complain about a job many people dream of doing.”

Stewart also opens up about a variety of other topics during her interview, including the income disparity between actors and actresses, the challenges of being a woman in the film industry, her new Woody Allen movie Cafe Society, and much more.


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