Happy Birthday, Kristen Stewart! Gossip Cop Blows Out 5 Wrong Rumors In Actress’ Honor

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Kristen Stewart Birthday Rumors Gossip

By Shari Weiss |

Kristen Stewart Birthday Rumors Gossip

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Kristen Stewart turns 26 on Saturday, and to celebrate her birthday, Gossip Cop is taking a look back at five wrong rumors about the actress we exclusively “blew out” over the last year.

1. One day after Stewart’s 25th birthday in 2015, Gossip Cop exclusively busted a fabricated HollywoodLife story, which claimed ex Robert Pattinson planned to invite her to his upcoming wedding with FKA Twigs. We spoke to one of our trusted insiders about the allegation, and they had a few choice words in response. “Bullsh*t,” we were told. “F*cking nonsense.” We went on to correct Life & Style for a running a similarly wrong piece last June.

2. In September, a weird story in Star accused Stewart of being addicted to therapy. The tabloid claimed she had a “fixation” on psychological help and had “no less than three headshrinkers.” Gossip Cop was told the article was simply “B.S.” In actually, Star was, and is, addicted to telling tall tales.

3. In fact, Star went after Stewart again in January 2016 when the magazine alleged she was warned by Chanel to lose weight or risk losing her contract with the fashion house. Interestingly, though, the poorly-reported piece didn’t even mention Chanel by name, but talked vaguely about her association with a “luxury brand.” That’s because the whole thing was made up. As one insider told Gossip Cop, the mean-spirited claims were “beyond untrue.”

4. That same month, OK! claimed Stewart was “married” to Alicia Cargile, and had “confirmed” it to “by stepping out with a gold band on her ring finger.” The gossip rag even went on to allege Stewart was overheard referring to Cargile as her “wife” at an event. The tabloid was actually attempting to double-down on a story it first ran last fall, but it just ended up being doubly wrong. As Gossip Cop accurately reported, Stewart and Cargile were not married, and there was no marriage license to be found saying otherwise.

5. And in February, a number outlets linked Stewart to Liam Neeson after the actor said he was dating someone “incredibly famous.” There was zero indication she was the woman in question, and one site, Jezebel, even admitted its speculation was based on “almost nothing.” Indeed, Gossip Cop was told by Neeson’s rep that the reports were “stupid.” Not only that, it was revealed the actor had only been joking about having a girlfriend. As for Stewart, just weeks later she was seen engaging in PDA with French singer-actress Soko.

Gossip Cop sincerely wishes Stewart a rumor-free birthday. We’ll be here through the actress’ 26th year and beyond to keep busting bad dish.


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