Kristen Stewart Did NOT Say “‘Twilight’ Was My Biggest Mistake,” Despite Report

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Kristen Stewart Biggest Mistake Twilight

By Shari Weiss |

Kristen Stewart Biggest Mistake Twilight


Kristen Stewart did NOT say “Twilight was my biggest mistake,” despite a 100 percent made-up report. The claim comes from a notoriously bad blog with less traffic than a deserted island. It’s not worth naming the outlet and giving it more publicity, but Gossip Cop nevertheless feels the need to debunk the allegation, as it is likely to get picked up by other disreputable publications.

According to a supposed source for the aforementioned webloid, “Kristen wishes she had never been a part of the Twilight films. She calls them her biggest mistake. Recently she saw the new Star Wars and feels sorry for Daisy Ridley. It all starts off as fun, but ends ruining your life.”

And therein lies the reason this fabricated nonsense was published. As Gossip Cop reported, on Monday, The Hollywood Reporter released its “Awards Chatter” podcast interview with Stewart, in which she reflected on her career and was asked to give advice to Ridley. Stewart, while acknowledging the life changes that come with acting in a big franchise, had nothing but positive things to say about Twilight, even noting the “cool baggage” that resulted.

But this new story, published Tuesday, sees fit to twist Stewart’s remarks, with the alleged source claiming, “It was the biggest mistake of her life. She has to say in public that she has no regrets, or she would look ungrateful. But that isn’t true.”

No, what’s not true is this report claiming to know how Stewart really feels. One actual source even expressed incredulity to Gossip Cop that this outlet had the gall to presume anything about her. “Where do they get off?” ranted our impeccable insider.

Indeed, it’s worth noting this is the same accuracy-challenged blog that falsely claimed in October that Stewart and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson were reuniting for a movie. It was a complete lie, and this new story claiming Stewart privately calls the film her “biggest mistake” is an outright lie, too.


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