Kristen Stewart: “I Will Make A Bad Movie”

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Kristen Stewart Bad Movies

By Andrew Shuster |

Kristen Stewart Bad Movies

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Kristen Stewart explains in a new interview why she has no problem making a bad movie if it means getting to work with someone she admires or even say one line she’s been “dying to say.”

The actress attended the Sundance Film Festival over the weekend to debut her upcoming movie Certain Women. In the film, Stewart plays a young lawyer who takes a teaching job in a small town away from home, where she sparks up a friendship with a lonely female rancher.

Certain Women is a small indie, the likes of which Stewart has been making a lot of lately. And although these type of films are far from surefire hits, Stewart tells Vanity Fair she doesn’t pick projects based on their box office potential. In this particularly case, she signed on to work with director Kelly Reichardt, an indie filmmaker whom she admires.

“I’m fully willing to hop on something if I’m interested in one person who’s involved in it, or one line that my character says that I’ve always been dying to say,” admits Stewart. She goes on to explain that even if taking on a risky role leads to failure, “It’s like, I will make a bad movie.” She adds, “I’m like, whatever. I didn’t make [the movie] myself!”


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