Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson “Back Together” Speculation Is Fake News

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Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Back Together Fake News

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Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Back Together Fake News

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are not on the verge of getting “back together,” despite a speculative report that reads more like fan-fiction than a well-sourced article. Gossip Cop can expose this fake news.

“Will Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Get Back Together: Greatest Hollywood Romance Ever?” asks a double-question headline from Celeb Dirty Laundry. The webloid asserts the exes “getting back together again will most likely be the biggest entertainment story of the year,” and contends that, “With Robert single again and Kristen declaring that she wants to give guys another try again, many fans can’t help but wonder if the ex-couple are looking to reunite.”

The site maintains “it’s pretty obvious that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson can’t help but still think about one another,” even though it has zero evidence to back that claim up. The outlet also tries twisting comments each have made about possible future Twilight movies into proof that they “want to work together again.” The online publication further says, “The timing [for a romantic reunion] seems to be more than perfect. With both Kristen and Robert casually dating, many fans are hoping that sooner or later they’ll end up in each other’s arms once more.”

Unfortunately for fans, it doesn’t matter what they may be “hoping.” And CDL is trying to exploit those hopes by bringing up random things that really have no bearing on Pattinson and Stewart as a couple. The actress saying she’s open to dating men again in the future in no way means she’s angling to reconcile with Pattinson. The implication that the actor is single and available is also false. And whether one day there are additional Twilight films also has nothing to do with on their respective relationship statuses.

The webloid already tried to rile fans up last week with a story that similarly speculated Stewart wanted to get “back together” with Pattinson. That tale was also based on her expressed willingness to date men in the future, as if those remarks were specifically tied to her ex-boyfriend. They were not. In fact, there’s nothing linking the pair right now but fake news stories like these. If and when something changes in Pattinson and Stewart’s love lives, Gossip Cop will deliver the accurate news. For now, CDL doesn’t know what it’s talking about.