Story About Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard’s “Racy Role Play” In The Bedroom Is Made-Up

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Kristen Bell Dax Shepard Role Play

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Kristen Bell Dax Shepard Role Play

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A tabloid is claiming to know intimate details about Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s sex life. While the couple is known for being candid about their relationship, no one close to them is actually leaking information about their “racy role play” in the bedroom. Gossip Cop can confirm this story was made up.

According to Star, the “secret” behind Bell and Shepard’s “happy marriage” is “bringing their work home with them.” The gossip magazine contends the actors “often raid the wardrobe department on set and borrow movie costumes for a bit of role play in the bedroom.” A so-called “source close to the couple” supposedly shares, “Dax in his CHiPs uniform, Kristen in her Lifeguard swimsuit — you get the idea.”

“They think it’s hilarious and have even joked that their decision to take on a movie is based on what they’ll get to wear,” adds the outlet’s alleged source. But, oddly, no recent examples are given. Shepard filmed CHiPs in 2015 and Bell starred in The Lifeguard in 2013, though production took place the year prior. It’s rather strange to have a story asserting the couple role plays with costumes from their movies, yet the only two referenced are from two to five years ago.

What’s most bizarre is that, regardless of whether or not they do role play, the publication actually expects readers to believe someone “close” to Bell and Shepard spilled details to a tabloid about their sex life. It’s possible the magazine thought its tale would come off as plausible since they’ve spoken about parts of their personal life that many celebs typically choose to keep quiet. For instance, on “The Talk” earlier this month, Bell revealed their kids walked in on them having sex. That’s not the kind of thing that one typically hears in an interview, but Shepard even shared his side of the story days later on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

But just because they’re forthcoming doesn’t mean someone legitimate would anonymously share their sexual turn-ons with a magazine. In fact, Bell slammed this same outlet in 2013 when it ran completely false claims about she and Shepard supposedly “getting frisky” at a veterinarian office. And don’t forget: Bell and Shepard also blasted the tabloids in 2014 and encouraged fans to boycott them. He even tweeted, “#boycottusweekly #boycottstar #boycottpeople #boycottintouch #boycottboycottboycott.” Yet now one of those publications is pretending to be in-the-know about their sex life. This is just yet another story fans shouldn’t buy.

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