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With public opinion turning against Ellen DeGeneres, Kristen Bell is apparently the likely replacement to host DeGeneres’ massively popular talk show. One outlet reports that the plans for Bell as successor have been in place for a while. Gossip Cop investigated the claims, and here’s what we found.

Move Over James Corden, Kristen Bell Is The Next Ellen?

After James Corden was rumored as a possible replacement for DeGeneres, both fans and critics racked their brains to think of another option that would make for a more likeable host. According to OK!, the "heir apparent" for the Ellen empire is none other than famed sloth lover and actress Kristen Bell. We have to admit, Bell's not a bad pick — she's popular, charismatic, and most of all, doesn't have decades of skeletons in her closet.

In fact, the tabloid says that network executives have been "quietly grooming" Bell to replace the comedian for some time now. “Kristen has been quietly honing her hosting skills. Even better for Warner Bros., everyone in Hollywood loves Kristin [sic],” the outlet’s anonymous source claims. “They have been grooming her as the replacement. She is definitely in front of James Corden. They want a woman and no one is funnier or more relatable than Kristen.”

The Problem With Kristen Bell Hosting Ellen

The biggest issue with the rumor, aside from the fact it’s from a totally unidentifiable source from an unreliable outlet, is the fact that we don’t even know if Ellen DeGeneres is stepping away or being asked to leave the show. Despite the controversy, the show looks to be proceeding as normal, with Today reporting that DeGeneres would be returning for season 18. Additionally, it’s been made apparent that the most troublesome accusations revolve around the show’s executive producers rather than DeGeneres herself. Being a mean celebrity typically isn’t enough to get your removed from your show.

There’s also the fact that Bell’s got a busy schedule. Not necessarily right now, of course, with the pandemic still preventing a lot of productions from moving forward, but her future doesn’t seem to have a lot of room for hosting a daily show. Heck, she’s not even at the bottom of betting sites' odds for a possible DeGeneres replacement — unsurprisingly, that list is full of longtime hosts with open schedules.

Kristen Bell, on the other hand, has an upcoming film with Leslie Jones, and she may have future hosting duties for Encore! on Disney+, which she also executive produces. The show’s been well-received as one of Disney’s original productions, and while nearly everything is uncertain right now, a second season wouldn’t come as a shock. She’s also serving as the narrator for the upcoming Gossip Girl reboot on HBO Max, and her Hello Bello brand, which she shares with husband Dax Shepard, is doing well.

We’ve Heard Similar Rumors Before

A little over a year ago, OK! actually published an extremely similar piece of gossip. In April 2019, the magazine incorrectly reported that Ellen DeGeneres herself was preparing Bell to take over the show. If the outlet is to be believed, DeGeneres openly prepped Bell to take over just before executives began secretly training Bell to steal the show out from under DeGeneres. Yeah, we don’t think so.

We’ve also called out the publication for other phony “insider reports” about other shows, like its claim about Kris Jenner’s plans for a triple wedding on Keeping Up with the Kardashians or the story about The Morning Show driving Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon apart. Neither story proved to be remotely true, so while we can’t fully predict what will happen with DeGeneres or her show, we have a hard time buying anything OK! is selling.

Our Verdict

There's nothing to back up the idea of Kristen Bell taking over for Ellen DeGeneres soon, let alone DeGeneres getting replaced.


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