Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Throw Adorable Birthday Party In Latest Samsung Commercial – WATCH VIDEO!

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Kristen Bell Birthday Party Samsung Commercial

By Shari Weiss |

Kristen Bell Birthday Party Samsung Commercial


Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s latest Samsung commercial debuted on Monday, and it shows the couple remains as adorable as ever. Watch below!

Bell premiered the new 60-second ad on Twitter, writing, “It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a #FamilyHub fridge to throw that child a party.” The new spot, called “Family Hub: Birthday Party,” showcases the actress and Shepard using the Family Hub on their Samsung refrigerator to get through their daughter’s birthday party.

When Bell is busy making melon balls, for instance, Shepard uses his phone in the grocery store to look inside their fridge at home to find out if they’re out of eggs. But while the service has a lot of practical features, one made for a particularly sweet moment. The actor alters the Family Hub display to tell Bell to look into the fridge.

Inside she finds a cookie decorated to look like of a sloth, which is well-known to be Bell’s favorite animal. As they rejoice at making it through the party, Shepard amusingly asks about their daughter, “She’s not expecting a party every year, is she?” Well, she probably is, and it’s become tradition for the stars to make Samsung ads every year, too. Check out the new one below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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