Kris Jenner NOT Vowing To “Lose Weight,” Despite Report

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Kris Jenner Weight Gain Loss

By Andrew Shuster |

Kris Jenner Weight Gain Loss

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Kris Jenner is not vowing to lose weight after supposedly having gained “almost 80 pounds,” despite a webloid report. The entire untrue story is based on a claim Gossip Cop has already debunked. We’re assured the latest tale is also “absurd.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Star published a body-shaming cover story last week that falsely alleged the Kardashian matriarch had gained 72 pounds in a matter of months. In an attempt to back up its phony claim, the tabloid included a photo of a supposedly overweight Kris wearing a bikini in St. Bart’s. Only, the magazine seemingly altered the shot to make it look like Jenner had become incredibly obese.

Using that as its starting point, the publication’s sister company RadarOnline now alleges Jenner was “horrified” after seeing the tabloid photos of herself, and has hired a trainer and nutritionist to get back into shape. A so-called “insider” tells the webloid, “She has already been given a nutrition and diet plan. But she has not actually started at her workouts yet.” The site then quotes a supposed “separate source” as saying, “Whenever Kris is stressed or depressed, she turns to food and alcohol.”

Despite the webloid putting its own phony spin on the report, Gossip Cop already called out Star for seemingly manipulating the image of Jenner. A few things bear noting. For starters, if Jenner were actually obese, she would not have realized it via a tabloid photo. And about that picture, it’s interesting that the same image both the tabloid and its sister webloid published is the actually only photo out there of Jenner looking large, despite her being photographed a number of times while vacationing in St. Barts a couple of weeks ago. Lastly, Jenner looked perfectly trim when she appeared on “Bachelor Live” just a few days ago.

Still, Gossip Cop checked with a Jenner source, who laughed off the entire story before calling it “absurd.” Of course, we’re not surprised by any of this. Gossip Cop has repeatedly busted the webloid for a number of false reports about Jenner. We corrected the site two months ago when it wrongly claimed her family was staging an “intervention” over Thanksgiving. And in December, we shot down an untrue tale about the family matriarch barring Caitlyn Jenner from meeting Kim Kardashian’s son Saint West.

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Kris Jenner is vowing to lose weight.


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