Kardashians Staging Thanksgiving Intervention For Kris Jenner – Real Or Rumor?

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Kris Jenner Thanksgiving Intervention

By Andrew Shuster |

Kris Jenner Thanksgiving Intervention


The Kardashian family is not staging a Thanksgiving Day intervention for Kris Jenner over her supposedly “out of control” drinking, despite a completely made-up webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this story. We’re told it’s simply “untrue.”

According to RadarOnline, Jenner’s children are concerned about their mom’s alleged drinking problem. A so-called “insider” tells the webloid, “Her appetite for booze and partying is way worse than anyone else in the family.” The site then goes on to claim rather incredulously that she has more issues with alcohol than Scott Disick, who just recently finished a 30-day stint in rehab.

Picking up on RadarOnline’s phony narrative, Celeb Dirty Laundry not only rehashed this story, but also added its own fake spin. Without one single source to backup its claim, that webloid alleges the Kardashian and Jenner kids are planning to address their mother’s supposed alcoholism during a Thanksgiving “dinner/intervention.”

Neither webloid tale is true. Jenner enjoys a drink here and there, but she does not need rehab nor is there going to be a Thanksgiving intervention. CDL simply took an inaccurate story from another website and embellished it with the Thanksgiving angle. In any event, Gossip Cop is exclusively assured by a source close to the Kardashian family that both stories are equally “untrue.”

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The Kardashians are having a Thanksgiving intervention for Kris Jenner because of her alcohol addiction.


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