Kris Jenner Jokes About Kanye West’s Twitter Rants On “Ellen DeGeneres Show”

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(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

By Shari Weiss |

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Kris Jenner jokes about Kanye West’s controversial Twitter rants on Tuesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Check out the video below.

In a preview clip, DeGeneres brings the topic up by saying, “Let’s talk about Kanye just briefly.” Jenner immediately quips, “I don’t think you can ever talk about Kanye briefly.” After the all, the man himself isn’t known for his brevity.

But DeGeneres, of course, wants to know what everyone’s wondering: “Don’t just want to say ‘stop tweeting’?” Jenner answers, “You know, there have been days where there should be a ‘no tweeting’ law. I feel like I’ll ground him.”

DeGeneres goes on to suggest West get a “board of directors” to filter his tweets before he can send them, while Jenner stresses that her son-in-law is a “great guy.” She further defends him by saying West’s messages don’t come out the “right away,” and often end up “misconstrued.” Interestingly, while Jenner tries to keep it all light-hearted, the comedienne repeatedly says how inappropriate she’s found West’s tweets.

DeGeneres does say, “I do like him,” and Jenner notes that the rapper actually “loves” her. But while some like the host may be questioning West’s behavior, it seems his mother-in-law is publicly standing by him. Watch below.


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