Kris Jenner Was Not Expecting Marriage Proposal From Corey Gamble At 60th Birthday Party, Despite Report

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Kris Jenner Proposal Corey Gamble

By Michael Lewittes |

Kris Jenner Proposal Corey Gamble


Kris Jenner was not looking for her boyfriend Corey Gamble to propose to her at her 60th birthday party, despite a wholly fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this report from a webloid that reads more like the Sunday funnies. We’re told it’s “all made up” and a few other things that we can’t print without a lot of asterisks.

According to HollywoodLife, Jenner desperately wanted Gamble to pop the question at her Great Gatsby-themed birthday celebration. The webloid, which has repeatedly been caught fabricating stories, has one of its seemingly fake sources quoted as saying, Jenner “thought she was going to get a ring.” While the untrustworthy blog says details about Jenner’s birthday party are “scarce,” somehow or another HollywoodLies “exclusively” managed to find out the family matriarch was expecting an engagement ring and was ready to say “yes.”

Gossip Cop wonders whether HollywoodLies used the same seemingly untraceable source for its marriage proposal story that it relied upon for its wrong reports about Jenner dating Ben Flajnik. Or was its unnamed insider this time the same person who had the webloid inaccurately claim Jenner had advised Selena Gomez to lose weight?

Raise of hands: Who thinks the webloid completely made-up yet another story about Jenner? Yeah, we thought so.

Gossip Cop investigated this claim, and not one Kardashian or Jenner source could confirm the latest tall tale from the webloid. Our impeccable family insider assured Gossip Cop the story is “all made up,” while a couple of other sources used such choice words about the veracity of the site’s claim about Jenner expecting a proposal that we can’t even print their comments.

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Kris Jenner was expecting a marriage proposal from Corey Gamble at her 60th birthday party.


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