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Kris Jenner did not pay Travis Scott $4 million to "stick around" Kylie and their baby Stormi, despite a report that was published by a tabloid and then picked up by websites that didn't bother to fact-check the story. Gossip Cop can shoot down the phony claim. We're told it's absurd.

In a story that was originally published by Star and then regurgitated by HollywoodLife, the latter writes Kris "drafted up an iron clad contract" for Scott for a "massive pay day" that would incentivize the rapper to "stick around" after Kylie delivered their daughter Stormi. The often disproven blog quotes a so-called "source" as telling the magazine, "Kris doesn't trust Travis," and so "she made him an offer he couldn't refuse," which was allegedly $4 million. In exchange for the big bucks, says the online outlet, Scott can't go out with any other women and "must spend a certain amount of hours a week with Stormi and Kylie."

HollywoodLies, as it's often called, took the Star story at face value without looking into whether it was true or not. After noting how Kris knows "a good business deal," the blog editorializes that this time around it seems the family matriarch's plan is a "tad bit extreme." What's not extreme (or seemingly existent at all, in this case) is that website's reporting. It literally did no work to verify or debunk the tabloid's tale.

Gossip Cop, however, looked into the claim and a source close to Kris, who wasn't authorized to comment on the record, tells us it's all made-up and "absurd." She never needed to pay Scott money to stay with his girlfriend and baby nor would the successful singer even ask. And it's unlikely he needs the cash. According to a recent report, Scott's net worth is around $8 million.

Of course, HollywoodLies has repeatedly shown it's not terribly reliable with its stories tied to Kylie and her baby. Just a few weeks before she gave birth, the ill-informed site even questioned whether she was just "faking" a pregnancy (see below). And Gossip Cop has busted a slew of fabricated tales about the new parents from that same outlet, including one recent article that falsely maintained Kylie turned down a marriage proposal from Scott.

Kylie Jenner Pregnant


Not long after this latest report about a supposed multimillion-dollar contract for the singer, Us Weekly got an interview with Kris, who called Scott a "great" dad." She further gushed at the opening of the Nassif MD Medical Spa in Beverly Hills that he's "really attentive and couldn't be cuter with Kylie." Naturally, that completely disproved HollywoodLies' article about Jenner paying Scott $4 million to "stick around" with her daughter.

So, what did the serial fabricators at HollywoodLies do? That's right, they made up yet another story. This time the site untruthfully contended they had learned that Kylie's reaction to the report her mom shelled out millions on the rapper was to laugh it off. But that was also manufactured since no one close to Kylie shares any personal information with the habitually discredited blog. And it's not just Gossip Cop saying it. In the past, Kylie has tweeted that HollywoodLife's stories are "not true," and urged her fans, "Don't let em fool you."

Kris Jenner Pay Travis Scott Kylie Jenner


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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